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2011-06-16 09:44:11 by DjangoEX

New flash will probablly be realeased during this month hopefully. Robo Wars is on hiatus I guess. Yup thats all.


2011-03-12 22:51:16 by DjangoEX

My computer got some virus called rootkit,people told me it was dangerous so I took my backupfiles and wiped my computer. Turns out I took the wrong Robo wars file and more than half my work on episode 4 is gone! Fuck it, I'm going to go on to something new probablly like Actionscript programming.

Not Dead. Flash CS4.

2010-10-21 18:47:13 by DjangoEX

Well, I've been working on Robo Wars 4 and making sure the fight seens are alot longer since this is the last ep. It may take like 2 more months to finish but it'll be done.
Bye for Now!

Not Dead. Flash CS4.


2010-08-19 18:39:18 by DjangoEX

Well since my name is DjangoEX I decided to start making some flashes on a crossover between Django and Megaman. It will probabbly be done on sunday so expect it by then.

P.S. Guys start to comment moar PL0X.


2010-07-26 10:51:17 by DjangoEX

Starting on Megaman the robo Wars again. This is nemeless. I decided to change what was in the box and make a new char instead. More about him will be revealed sooner or later. He'll probbably be the antagonist for most of my flashes. After this final episode of the Robo Wars I will start the new series which will be called The robo Effect which is a continuation of the robo Wars. nameless will be the main focus of that. The Robo Effect was a series I did a while ago but now I'm making it something diffrent. Also I will be using power fighter sprites during the robo effect.


My Birthday, Predators , and more

2010-07-10 16:57:20 by DjangoEX

So to start of Thursday was my birthday so yeah. I actually just bought a PS2(Yes I'm that cheap) and I've been occupied with it. I always watched the Predators Premire and it rocked! Also I'm thinking of redoing the robo wars episode 3 and the Virus effect(which isn't out yet) so yeah. It may take a while to get these up so be patient. Well later guys.

Megaman The Virus Effect

2010-07-01 23:15:01 by DjangoEX

Its 92% done. I just have to add my new intro, 3 scenes, and a Start Screen.

Megaman Zero Project

2010-06-23 23:54:52 by DjangoEX

86% done.

Jonah Hex

2010-06-20 21:36:31 by DjangoEX

Went to watch jonah hex premire on friday it was SUPER CRAZY

Episode 3

2010-06-12 14:10:23 by DjangoEX

Is being released today. Then I"ll be working on a new project based on Megaman Zero/